How to Live on Board

Helpful hints, suggestions and how-to’s on the topics of living aboard a large yacht as a hired crew member.

A great read for those that are just starting their career working on yachts or for those that occasionally want a good read and refresher.

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New England Summers – Yachting Season

2023-06-24T10:51:39-04:00Categories: How to Live on Board|

The summer yachting season is in full swing. If your vessel is cruising around New England this summer then hopefully you will have a chance to take in some of the rich history of the area. Although there are many small towns and hamlets up and down the New England coast, as yacht crew you [...]

Yacht Stewardess Gadgets | Health & Happiness

2017-06-17T15:52:17-04:00Categories: How to Live on Board|

There are few things that stewardesses on a private yacht don’t have access too while working. It’s a tough job to hold down the interior, mother the crew and keep a positive attitude – we know. However, while you’re busy stain treating, whipping up cocktails for happy hour and setting the table we want to [...]

Dealing with Cabin Fever on Board a Yacht

2017-04-27T22:37:13-04:00Categories: How to Live on Board|

We’ve all been through it, and yet we’re still convinced that cabin fever on-board a yacht is next level when compared to being stuck in an actual cabin during a Northern winter. Whether it’s due to a long charter season, or due to not moving much at all and you’re getting antsy, its something that [...]

6 Tasty Teatime & Healthy Snacks For Yacht Crew

2017-01-04T21:09:24-05:00Categories: How to Live on Board|

The infamous teatime break – it’s pretty much the best time of the day, I mean, besides quitting time. The time you get to look forward too after breakfast, and the halfway point between lunch. A time of gathering and joking, chatting with the crew you don’t get to work closely with and the much [...]

Yacht Gadgets: The Deckhand Edition

2017-06-17T15:58:27-04:00Categories: How to Live on Board|

Tis’ the season for giving and tis’ also the season for being in the middle of the hectic charter season. Why not combine the two by giving or receiving these amazing gadgets that will help any yacht crew member while he/she is at work, exploring or just trying to survive. While we know toys are [...]

Nautical Summer Cocktails

2024-03-13T10:17:24-04:00Categories: How to Live on Board|

Another summer season on the water can only mean one thing; dock days, long lunches and cocktails. Well, at least between the busy charter weeks it is. While we love the idea of fluffing pillows, dusting profusely, washing down the hull and navigating through the beautiful Mediterranean seas, it’s nice to also slow things [...]

Maintaining a Happy Pet On Board A Boat

2024-03-13T10:19:14-04:00Categories: How to Live on Board|

Nothing completes yachting more than sharing the trip with man’s best friend. We take them in cars, on planes and even into most stores these days, so why not let them join you for a week or two while cruising the coast. Thankfully with more and more places becoming pet friendly, just look at [...]

Yacht Inspired New Years Resolutions

2024-03-13T10:19:25-04:00Categories: How to Live on Board|

Can you believe it? Another year has come and gone, and while it may have went as quick as the blink of an eye, we have another great year to look forward too. Whether its going to be filled with getting all those passport stamps you’ve always wanted, obtaining new heights in your career [...]