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video sheepshank knotHere are some short videos to help understand some of the basics and give you an understanding of the courses offered by PYT USA.

Nautical Knot Tying Videos

We give some basic video demonstrations with step-by-step descriptive instructions on some of the important knots and line handling techniques yacht crew will come upon during a working day.  From the basic clove hitch to the more advanced techniques of line splicing.

These videos are not just for the beginner.  Even the hardend seaman may need a knot-tying refresher from time to time.  The PYT instructional videos can allow you to repeat your practice sessions until you have it mastered. Among the knots and line techniques we cover include:

  • bowline
  • rolling hitch
  • reef knot
  • sheet bend
  • short splice
  • sheepshank
  • … and more

Watch Latest Videos

Yacht Training Course Introductions

Get a feel for some of course instruction provided by Professional Yacht Training. We have the courses you need to be come a true Yachtmaster. Our courses are suited for the beginner as well as for the seasoned captain. The videos reinforce experienced and knowledgeable tutors of the classes and a friendly and positive learining environment.

Watch Latest Videos

Lifestyle and Boat Show Videos

Just for fun, here are some videos of yacht crew enjoying their surroundings. With all the hard work, come moments of being surrounded by fantastic friends and industry associates from around the world.

Yacht Crew Training Videos On-Line at Professional Yacht Training