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STCW-10 Revalidation Requirements | 1-Day vs 3-Day Refresher

Revalidate your STCW-10 with Professional Yacht Training, USA (PYTUSA). PYTUSA is SE Florida’s provider for MCA-approved STCW-10 revalidation. PYTUSA offers one 1-day STCW-10 revalidation course a month. Do You Qualify for the 1-Day Revalidation Course? There is a good bit of confusion in the industry as to who qualifies for [...]

The Caribbean Yachting Season

Yachting Season in the Caribbean   The yachting season in the Caribbean typically runs from December to May. The season is in full swing from Christmas to March. The season kicks off with the Antigua Yacht Show, where yachts are on display before the upcoming season. The season usually wraps up [...]

Online Courses – Yacht Crew Training

Professional Yacht Training, USA offers several online courses through VIRSEC, available for crew to take in their own time. VIRSEC is an MCA Approved STCW ISPS Maritime Security trainings to Hostile Environment Awareness & Antiterrorism training provider, their fully online courses are user-friendly, affordable and easily accessible. VIRSEC is [...]

Best Yacht Crew Training? Professional Yacht Training

Professional Yacht Training has been providing accredited yacht training since they started in Durban, South Africa in 2000. PYT Cape Town was established later on the same year. In 2013, Professional Yacht Training USA (aka. PYTUSA & PYT) was established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, making PYT USA a globally [...]

What is the MCA Officer Of The Watch (OOW)

The MCA Officer of the Watch (OOW) is a certification and qualification for deck officers in the maritime industry. The Officer of the Watch is a vital role responsible for safely navigating and operating a vessel, maintaining watchkeeping duties, and ensuring the safety of the crew, passengers, and cargo. Related [...]

New England Summers – Yachting Season

The summer yachting season is in full swing. If your vessel is cruising around New England this summer then hopefully you will have a chance to take in some of the rich history of the area. Although there are many small towns and hamlets up and down the New England [...]

Marine & Yachting Definitions (Part II)

In the yachting industry, you may come across various words, phrases, and acronyms that are commonly used. This is a supplement to the original PYT page, “Marine & Yachting Definitions”. Here are some examples: Charter: Refers to the process of renting a yacht for a specific period. A charter [...]

Training and Safety for Mega Yacht Crew

Yacht Crew Training: The training of yacht crew members typically involves a combination of formal education, certifications, and hands-on experience. Professional Yacht Training of Fort Lauderdale is a first-step for the novice and a trusted partner for on-going training and certifications for seasoned, yacht crew professionals of all ranks. [...]

PYTUSA’s Statement on The Coronavirus, COVID-19

Professional Yacht Training is closely monitoring the developing global situation with the Coronavirus, COVID-19 and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. While a few cases of the virus have been reported locally, we have implemented enhanced sanitizing protocols for all public areas of the school. Our [...]

OOW Yachting Courses and Certificates Summary

We thought it might be a little helpful to create an article summarizing the OOW (Officer of the Watch) courses. The MCA Officer of the Watch Certificate consists of seven different modules, these are required to be completed for the MCA Officer of the Watch (Yachts Less Than 3000 [...]