STCW-10 Revalidation | PYT USA

The STCW Refresher (STCW 10 Refresher) / Revalidation Course includes the following elements:

  • Personal Survival Techniques – 4 Hours
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting – 4 Hours

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STCW-10 Revalidate / Refresher Requirements

Course Pricing – See All

  • STCW 10 Refresher / Revalidation – 1 Day – $740

Qualification Experience:

  • STCW 95


  • 16 Students (max)

STCW Refresher Program:

On completion of this 1 day course, students will satisfy the requirement of every five years to provide evidence of having maintained the required competence in Basic Training.

Entry requirements are, that you have previously been issued with a STCW certificate (STCW 95). This course is a requirement of the amended STCW 2010.

This 1 day refresher course meets the requirements set out in Chapter Vl of the STCW Code for the revalidating of Personal Survival Techniques-( STCW A-Vl/1-1 ) and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting -( STCW A-Vl/1-2).

Students would be advised to read and make themselves aware of the requirement in the MCA M-Notice MSN 1865 (M).


  • For Personal Survival Techniques:
    • Shorts and t-shirt to swim in.
    • Please bring a dry set of clothes and towel.
  • For Fire Prevention and Fire Safety:
    • Long pants and closed toe shoes are required.

STCW Refresher Course Important Note:

If you are taking an STCW Basic Training Renewal/Revalidation course, please verify with your maritime administration/flag state what their requirements are for STCW renewal/revalidation and that they will accept this course.

Some countries may require further courses to be completed every five years and certain administrations may not recognize this course.

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