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Common Whipping Associated with Yachts

How to Tie a Common Whipping Knot

The common whipping is the simplest type of whipping knot. It’s a knot tied at the end of a line to keep it from unraveling.

Tying Instructions:
1. Lay the twine along the line and form a loop towards the top end of the line.
2. Wrap the twine in the opposite direction of the lay of the line, neatly and tightly next to each other.
3. Wrap until the whipping is one to one and a half times the diameter of the line.
4. Run the working end of the twine through the bight.
5. Carefully pull on the standing end of the twine until the bight and working end are pulled halfway under the whipping.
6. Tug on both ends of the line to ensure the whipping is nice and tight.
7. Cut the loose ends of the twine flush with the edges of the whipping to give the rope end a finished look.

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How to Tie a Sailmaker’s Whipping Knot

Just as the Common whipping, this technique is used to secure ends of the rope from fraying and unraveling.Whippings are preferable to back-splices whenever there is a need for the rope’s end to pass through an eye or a block. I think a whipping is always preferable because a back-splice will catch on anything at the most inconvenient moment.

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