Yacht Safety

Helpful hints and suggestions for maintaining a safe environment aboard and operating a large yacht as a hired crew member.

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PYTUSA’s Statement on The Coronavirus, COVID-19

2024-03-12T17:45:50-04:00Categories: Yacht Safety|

Professional Yacht Training is closely monitoring the developing global situation with the Coronavirus, COVID-19 and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. While a few cases of the virus have been reported locally, we have implemented enhanced sanitizing protocols for all public areas of the school. Our instructors are using disinfectants on [...]

STCW Retraining Courses |  STCW 10 Replaces STCW95

2024-03-13T15:42:00-04:00Categories: Yacht Safety|

Some of you may have noticed some new courses popping up around the yachting industry. You may have also heard that there is new changes coming into place which will be in affect in less than a year. Both are correct, and here’s what you need to know. The STCW 95 is gone.  In it's [...]

Megayacht Safety Drills 101

2024-03-13T10:23:08-04:00Categories: Yacht Safety|

It’s Safety Drill Time. Looking forward to a drill onboard is just as exciting as watching paint dry, unless you are the first mate of course. For most stewardesses, it’s an excuse to get outside for a change. For deckhands, it means a whole lot of unloading and reloading gear. In the same sense, [...]