We’ve all been through it, and yet we’re still convinced that cabin fever on-board a yacht is next level when compared to being stuck in an actual cabin during a Northern winter. Whether it’s due to a long charter season, or due to not moving much at all and you’re getting antsy, its something that all yacht crew experience a time or two, or ten.

Here are a few things that we think may help either get you through it, or at the very least, help you to get ahold of your sanity until you get to the dock!


Exercise On Board A Yacht Or Off

Not much of a shocker here. Exercising is already going to boost your metabolism (to help with that extra snacking you’ve been doing!) and increase your mood. Even just something as simple as a ten-minute circuit in your room, a lap around the boat or a jog around the yard will do the trick to burn off some steam. It will kill some time, and even help promote good sleep.


Make Your Space On-Board A Yacht – Home-y

Working in a small space is tough, especially when it’s full of fiberglass, wood and stainless steel. So why not increase the hominess level of your room by adding a few things to inspire or calm you. Mini succulent plants, photos, your own blanket its surprising how small little changes like this can take your room from just a room to a more personal oasis.


Get a Hobby

We know it sounds a little cliché, but when you’re stuck on a yacht for a long period of time, there is only so much TV a person can take. Start a blog, take up photography, make jewelry, learn some skills from the chef in the galley, take up knitting… okay, you don’t have too do that, but you see the point. Hobbies don’t have to take up a lot of space, and using your hands and your creativity will give you something to show for your time. You never know, you may even get others interested in it too and look forward to your new time-killer.


Soak up some Vitamin D

It’s as simple as getting outside at every chance you can get! We know the deck crew get to spend a lot of time outside, so this may apply more to the interior crew – but being outside and soaking in the rays is only fun when it’s doing the things you want to do, are we right? No one volunteers to scrub the teak, so why don’t you come home from the pub early and set your alarm clock so you can actually enjoy your day off at the beach or hiking, instead of hating the sunlight while clutching that water bottle in the crew mess every Saturday morning.

If you’re on charter and can’t seem to get away, you could even look into taking Vitamin D as a supplement– it can improve your overall mood without you even having to be outside.