5 Skills You’ll Need to Work on a Yacht (Updated to 6 Skills)

5 Skills You’ll Need to Work on a Yacht (Updated to 6 Skills)

Working on a yacht isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain individual with unique characteristics to be able to handle the responsibilities of yacht work. Yachts come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter the vessel, knowing who you are and what you like to do and don’t like to do before entering the industry can save you hard work and expenses.

Make Your Yachting Career a Long and Successful One

1 – Listening

Unless you are a captain or hold a high position on-board, the truth is you will be taking direct orders from those in charge every day. Being able to listen and follow orders and instruction will not only make you a better crew member, but also make the trip go along smoothly. Not everyone is good with authority, but if you can listen respectfully and don’t take offense easily, you will make a great crew member.

2 – Stamina

Working on a yacht requires an high level of physical stamina. Depending on the position you hold, your duties may be maintaining the exterior or interior of the yacht, sanding, scrubbing, wiping, polishing. If you’re looking for a job that challenges your mind, then yacht work might not be for you.

3 – Time Management

Some individuals require more sleep than others, but if you’re working on a yacht it is part of your job to be awake before guests and rest after they’ve called it a night. Being able to manage your sleep schedule will help regulate your energy levels so you can do the yacht work without being tired.

4 – Adjustability

Living on land in a home or apartment is obviously much different than living on a boat. You will have to take quick showers and eat your meals fast if there are guests on board. If you enjoy long walks or runs, a treadmill is not always available. If you can adjust physically and mentally to the yacht lifestyle and are eager to do so, consider yourself prepared for yacht work.

5 – Communication

Whether your yacht has guests or not, you will be spending a lot of time with your fellow employees. High stress situations can cause confrontation and if you can communicate effectively and learn each others differences, likes and dislikes, you can build lifelong friendships with your mates.

If you think you’ve got the 5 skills you’ll need to be a yacht crew member, check out the Professional Yacht Training courses today and get started on a fun and profitable career path.

July 2019 – We have added one more skill to the list.

6 – Following Instructions – Putting the Skills You’ll Need Together

So it’s a Total of 6 Skills You’ll Need. This one basically encompasses all of the above. You MUST be able to follow instructions without debate or question. The presumption is all instructions are reasonable and safe and we further assume you are not working for a pirate or aboard the BOUNTY. Instructions must be followed with pleasantness and within the timeliness expected of that instruction. Procrastination does not wash, nor does questioning the validity of the instructions provided. Act on the instruction with professionalism and vigor. Be responsive and with a courtesy to all.

If you are unsure of the instruction, then by all means – ask. Never assume.


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