You’ve taken all your courses and you graduated with flying colours… now what? It’s time to get a job, of course! Looking for a job in the yachting industry isn’t hard, and getting the one you want doesn’t have to be rock science, but here are a few tips that will ensure it won’t be long before you are living the dream and mingling with a new crew.

After Your Certification, Don’t Forget The Details In Getting The Job You Want

  1. Look the Part

    I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s important to ‘dress for the job you want, not for the one you have’. This means that you should dress yourself as a well-presented crew member. For men this means a nice hair cut, well-groomed facial features and no over bearing scents. For women, this means having your hair pulled back, limited makeup, no over bearing scents and limited jewelry. Dress yourself in polo shirts and boat shorts, or if ladies prefer; skirts. Staying as close to the boat colors as possible: khaki, white, black or navy blue. Your footwear should either be boat shoes, flats or have non-skid soles. Showing that you are presentable and care for your own personal hygiene speaks volumes for first impressions from captains.

  2. Act the Part

    We can’t stress how much acting the part is equally as important as dressing for it. Nothing goes better with being presentable than an open and enthusiastic attitude. You should be an active listener and a great observer. While looking for a job, make sure you sport a smile, stand tall and always project positive body language (no slouching, or eye rolling).

  3. Create a Flawless CV

    Your CV should be a reflection of you as a person and state all your previous work experience in an organized manner. A yachting CV requires you to have a picture included, so this should be a head shot that appears clean, tidy and appropriate for the job (try to encompass points 1 and 2 in this photo if you can!). You’ll want to include your work experience, including day work in chronological order and include boat names, size, and length of time as well as a quick overview of your job description. Make sure your contact information is clearly marked so it’s easier for them to get in touch with you.

  4. Network

    It’s all about who you know in the industry, which is one of the reasons getting out there and networking with other crews and professionals is so important. The more you can get out, be seen and make contacts with those in the industry, the better off you’ll be. Make sure to check the papers, crew agencies and various other sources to see where the next social event for yacht crews will be and make sure you attend. Be presentable, friendly and make sure you carry either a card or your CV, in case someone asks for it.

  5. Seek Help From the Professionals

    If you’re having trouble getting out there or finding the right places to apply for work – it can be overwhelming when you first start – get some help from the professionals. There are several crew agencies in cities where yachting is most popular and they will be able to look through your skills and put you in contact with yachts looking for someone with your experience. You may have to pay a fee for their services, but its well worth it.

  6. Be Flexible

    The hiring process for yachts is much quicker than any job on land. Most yachts are looking for people that can start right away, and to make yourself more desirable, have your life situated and ready to go. This means having your financial and living situations in order so you can leave as quickly as possible.

  7. Nail the Interview

    First impressions are everything, so show up early and be presentable, know the name of who you’re looking for and have a firm handshake. Make sure you turn your phone off and are tentatively listening and are actively asking questions to show your interest. Bring a CV with you and follow up after the interview to thank them.