As much as the yachting lifestyle seems all hard work and no play (kidding!), believe it or not there are some pretty valuable life lessons to be learnt while working on superyachts aside from the shammy-ing and vacuuming.

When most people think about the yachting industry, or learn about it for the first time, they are easily drawn in with the flashy things that working on a yacht entails. They are in love with the ideas of extensive travel, sometimes to remote, unheard of destinations, the money, the work hard, play hard mentality and the friends they’ll meet along the way. However, some of the not-so-obvious things that yachties get exposed too could turn out to be the most worth-while of all – maybe not right away, but trust us. Here are just a few of the ones that we think are life lessons that like fine wine you’ll appreciate with age.

Cooking on Super Yachts – Learn to Cook Onboard

Besides working as a culinary chef yourself, name us one job that allows you to do the following: eat like a King three meals a day, work alongside a culinary chef in close quarters, see immaculate food being created and being able to ask questions about its step-by-step process in real life and taste differences in things only some people dream about trying – all for free! Where ever you go in life, there will always be food – so why not learn from the best of the best while you can. Chefs (most chefs anyways) would love to chat to you about their secrets, and their extensive knowledge about the food world. Offer to help out by doing the dishes or by taking out the garbage and we’re willing to bet any yacht chef will show you the ropes as long as you’re interested to learn!

Life Skills You Should Master While Working on Superyachts

Photography – A Great Super Yacht Hobby

Working on yachts you are privileged to be able to travel for free, and be exposed day in and day out with countless sunsets, sunrises, ports and various experiences that most people couldn’t afford to do. Meaning, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to take up photography to capture it all. You are making decent money (as long as you are smart about your in-port spending!) so you can afford the equipment, and lets be honest – your down time in the crew mess doesn’t always have to be spent scrolling Facebook. You’ve got the subject matter everywhere you go, and with the variety of people you meet in the yachting industry, we’re willing to bet you’ll find someone who can show you some tricks of the trade.

Being a Jack of All Trades

Speaking of trades, this industry is full of them. If you’re eager to learn and keep an open mind, the yachting life will be good to you and you will go far. Just remember that while we are aware that you are above vacuuming, polishing and washing a boat, keep in mind that that is only part of the job. If you joined as a deckhand, we are willing to bet you weren’t always versed in how to tie 20 different knots off the top of your head, or how to fix a jet ski in a bind. This, combined with the knowledgeable makings of your crew, and having to be self-sufficient as a working yacht (sometimes in the middle of no where), you will be amazed with how many little life hacks you will pick up along the way.

Being your Best-Self While Working on Super Yachts

You may not know it, but there are certain things you will never know about yourself until you work on a yacht. We know how that sounds, but you also know it’s true. They could be small things, like discovering you really don’t like caviar or realizing as much as you loved going to the beach, you now hate the thought of the sand getting everywhere on the newly washed boat. They could also be big things, like discovering yourself and your limits, or realizing your true self and how you react when push comes to shove and you’re on day ten of a charter, and have barely slept. We hope these experiences bring out best in your self, and if not – well… McDonald’s is always hiring!

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