There are few things that stewardesses on a private yacht don’t have access too while working. It’s a tough job to hold down the interior, mother the crew and keep a positive attitude – we know. However, while you’re busy stain treating, whipping up cocktails for happy hour and setting the table we want to show you there are a few things that can help make your life a little easier. [ See the Deckhand Gadgets Edition ]

Here are some simple gadgets that can take your job from tough to bearable in a matter of minutes.

Bra Clips

We know this isn’t exactly the end-all of gadgets, but we do know these are a true lifesaver. It’s hard to look good and do a million and one things if you’re constantly fishing into your shirt to pull up your bra strap every ten minutes. No matter how tight you adjust your bra, sometimes just having these handy clips create piece of mind.

Parrot Pots

As if being a housekeeper, a server, a personal assistant and a baby sitter isn’t enough – throwing ‘florist’ into the mix is always a treat. Thankfully these pots are here to do the hard part for you by keeping the plants alive. It is equipped with devices that tracks soil moisture, fertility, temperature and the light the plants receive. It even holds 2L of water so it can water accordingly. We all know what you’re thinking; Orchids are now going to be your new best friend and no longer your enemy, horary!

Yacht Stewardess Gadgets | Health & Happiness Working On-Board

Stress Relievers

Working on the interior isn’t as glamorous as everyone thinks sometimes. It’s hard work keeping track of guests, doing laundry, ironing, meal surface, housekeeping and ensuring the crew mess is up to hygienic standards. So its understandable that you get stressed at times and sometimes feel like throwing a plate across the room when the 10th person asks you about the same thing. Getting something like a stress ball and keeping it in the stew pantry may be a more civil solution.

Fit Bit [Exercise Tracker]

With long hours of work, inconsistent eating patterns and broken sleep it’s hard to find the drive to spend your breaks working out and not napping. We get it. That’s why wearing something like a Fit Bit or something similar (there are several different spin offs now) will help you keep track of your health instead of letting it fall by the wayside. Getting one that allows you to track calories burned from running up and down the stairs all day, and even the hours of REM sleep you get can help you feel a little better about the lack of gym time you’re putting in.

Yacht Stewardess Gadgets | Health & Happiness Working On-Board