Tis’ the season for giving and tis’ also the season for being in the middle of the hectic charter season. Why not combine the two by giving or receiving these amazing gadgets that will help any yacht crew member while he/she is at work, exploring or just trying to survive. While we know toys are not usually limited aboard a super yacht, these toys are specific to every deckhands needs, and will certainly come in use at one point or another.
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Survival Kit

Finally, someone that understands the yachting life! This handy survival kit understands you shouldn’t have to compromise your living space for cool things, hence why it comes jam-packed in a cleverly compact water bottle. Double whammy! Making this the ideal gift for someone who loves to go adventuring. If you’re lazy or in a time crunch, buy one that’s pre-made for your convenience or get creative and personalize one yourself. Things we’ve seen included are a mini-flashlight, poncho, band-aids, carabineer, first aid kit, blanket, matches, a pen, granola bar, trail mix etc. Get creative, and think of things that come in handy when you least expect to need them.

Bluetooth Tracker – Tilemate

Remember the time you lost your phone, only to find it was in the locker room under a big stack of towels? And how many times do the crew car keys go MIA when you need them the most. Thankfully, this new Bluetooth Tile is here to solve all of those problems and then some. Simply attach the small tile tracker to the item of your choosing and when you finally admit it’s actually lost, and not just ‘misplaced’ you can track the item nearby with sound. Did you lose the item further away then the boat? No problem, they’ve thought of that too. Just log onto their website and get an exact GPS location on your item. It’s that easy. Best part is, it’s geared for yachties: it has low maintenance, it’s easy to install and the batteries are made to last up to a year without recharging them (in fact, they email you when it needs replacing!)

Bluetooth Tracker – Tilemate

Waterproof Headphones

While this may not be appropriate for when guests are onboard, we definitely know its an essential for any boat wash-down when they’re not. Keep your music blasting and the beats pumping with waterproof headphones, making sure your work ethic and your vibe isn’t ruined when they get wet. The beauty of this is, you can spend as little or as much as you want given the style of headphones you prefer.

Grooming Kit

In charter season we’re willing to bet this is the bane of your existence; shaving. Well, with the right products the pain can cease to occur, thanks to all the lovely old-school-style grooming kits made to bring your face into the 21st century. It’s face cleanser made of olive oil and green tea will help hydrate, its geranium leaf body cleanser helps remote grit and grim but is gentle enough for all skin types, and finally its post-shave lotion equipped with Moroccan botanical oils will help to smooth and calm the skin. Making this Australian branded Aesop kit the three-piece package to skin success. It will keep your face feeling hydrated, healthy and smooth as a… yup, you guessed it.Grooming Kit - Yacht Gadgets: The Deckhand Edition