Being new to the industry and visiting Fort Lauderdale for the first time or during the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show can be a lonely, and intimidating place if you don’t know where to go. Thankfully however, the yachting industry is a busy bunch, so you can run into them pretty much everywhere you go – grocery stores, nail saloons, restaurants or even as simple as walking on the street.

During the stress of your visit and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show however, the bars seem to be the place to find a lot of them after hours. Whether you’re looking for a job, or you’re just looking to expand your yachting network, you may want to grab your business cards, dress the part and head to the closest one around happy hour!

Waxy O’Connors Irish Pub

Off 17th Street near 10th Ave

Most people will refer to this as ‘Waxy’s’ and as you walk by, you will probably recognize at least one familiar face. The patio is typically packed with people sitting around the big tables sharing a drink and engaged in conversation. This a great place to mingle and watch the football or rugby games. Conveniently located near all the yachting schools, and a lot of the crew agencies – pretty central location.

Tap 42

Off S Andrews Ave and 17th Street area

This is a local spot for a lot of yachties to hang out, as it is close to a lot of crew houses in the area, and the schools. A great place to meet friends in the industry and enjoy some delicious craft beer and some decent meal deals; depending on which night you head there. Great patio, but could be far depending on where you’re located.

Quarterdeck Restaurant

Off Cordova Rd and 17th Street

While it may be tucked away off the main road, this places sees a lot of traffic coming in and out of its doors. There are cozy chairs outside, good seafood specials and cheap happy hour drinks – making it more of a cozy setting, perfect for socializing when you have a group with you. There is a second location near the beachfront which also sees a lot of traffic from local marinas Bahia Mar and Swimming Hall of Fame.


Off 17th Street near Eisenhower Bridge

This very beautiful waterside restaurant won’t shock you as to why so many yachties hang out here and want to enjoy a good meal and drink combo. They have a relaxed lounge/couches setting with a busy happy hour, and a great ladies night. It would be a great place strike up a conversation with anyone wearing your standard boat attire here.

The List Places to Eat & Drink in Fort Lauderdale is Endless and Ever Changing …

As we mentioned at the beginning, it isn’t hard to spot those working in the industry if you are going about your daily life here in Fort Lauderdale. That’s why it’s important to stay professional at all times, but still be personable and able to take or make a joke while sharing a cold beverage. Heading down to Las Olas or the beachfront are also great ways to mingle with like minded, party-people who love ocean views and happy hour… especially when they’re combined.