We all know that work on a yacht is never actually finished per say, the list of things merely gets longer with every day we work! And because we are all lovers of travel, and dedicated hard workers, we like to make sure we are in a constant state of overdrive to keep up with the workload that gives us this lifestyle we have come to love. Naturally of course, as we work harder and sleep less, the desire to stay more and more caffeinated is at an all time high. Coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, cup after cup of tea, the list is endless. But wouldn’t it be great if we could still reap the benefits of caffeine, without getting the undesirable side effects?

Working on a yacht means staying alert at all times. Here are some healthier caffeine alternatives that will work just as hard as we do!

Coconut Water

Gaining in popularity, and depending on where you are, readily available to get your hands on, this milky liquid typically comes from green, young coconuts and has a world of benefits. For those who reach for sugary drinks, such as sodas or energy drinks when they need to wake up, why not replace it with this naturally sweet concoction that is full of bioactive enzymes and rehydrating electrolytes – ones that are easily lost in sweating it out while cleaning or polishing!

Coffee + Tea, If You Must

Okay, okay. We know it’s hard to quite cold turkey, but if you must continue to drink these delicious beverages, make sure to watch your sugar intake with them, by trying to eliminate the amount of sweeteners you put in them. If this is also impossible, try natural sugars – such as maple syrup, honey or agave. The odd time, why not swap up black tea for green, to get an extra dose of antioxidants in your system.

Shake it Up! Try swapping out your hot bevvy first thing in the morning for an iced cold one, the sense of warmth wont lull you into a sleepy state, and the iced drink will shock your system into a metabolic furnace that kids into gear to warm the water so it can go through the cycle!

Shower Shock

Add an extra kick to your morning wake-up shower– and no, we aren’t referring to you bringing a coffee in there with you. This new and improved caffeine boast starts as soon as you get squeaky-clean for the day, with a bar of soap. This invigorating peppermint scented soap is full of caffeine that goes rushing into your blood stream, making your feel energized and may even send tingles up your spine. Each normal-sized application gives you about 220mg of caffeine – not bad considering you still haven’t even put your ironed slacks on yet.


Seeing as eating truck loads of all the right foods each day is impossible, taking vitamins to help us get the proper dosage is sometimes needed. Citrus is a great way to wake up our sense and send our brain into mental alertness, but there are a few other types you can try to give you a more direct affect. B12 is known for its mental clarity and energy enhancing properties – which is probably why you see it popping up in your energy drinks or vitamin waters. However it also plays a role in melatonin production, which helps to maintain a healthy sleep cycle, perfect for all those random night watch shifts. Combined with Ginkgo Biloba, a herbal extract which helps increase blood flow to your brain, your focus, creativity and mental well-being will be working full speed ahead.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

Remember, long-term habits take a while to flush out of your body, and be replaced with new habits. So, just because you don’t see a drastic change in one day, doesn’t mean it isn’t working – stick with this for at least a week to get the rewards, trust us it will be worth it.