Whether you’re starting yachting to travel, change career paths, take a break from the regular 9-5 job or because you can’t get your yacht-working friend to shut up about you joining them, there is no denying it can be nerve racking. Going into an industry you may know nothing about it scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Yachting is an industry full of easy-going, hard working people who follow the hierarchy of the yacht ladder.

Take these suggestions seriously, and before you know it you’ll be joining the rest of the successful yacht crew members of the world.

Yachting 101 – Getting the Job | There Are Mandatory Yachting Certificate Requirements

This may be the first thing that surprises you when you are looking to join the industry for the first time; there are a lot of certificates that are important to obtain before you even start to look for a job. Set aside money to obtain them – roughly $2,000 USD to put a figure on it.

The following are needed, and are mandatory:

  • STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers – What is STCW?)
  • ENG1 (medical seafarers exam)
  • B1B2 visa (for entering the states either on business or leisure)
  • Additional travel visas depending on your nationality.

Additional Courses for Working on a Super Yacht – Beginner Basics

You’ve passed all your mandatory courses – way to go! Now you’re thinking you may want to go the extra mile and really stand out on your CV by obtaining extra courses to help you land the perfect job, great thinking. Depending on your position, there are entry-level courses you can take that will help make your transition to yachting much easier.

For those going the Deckhand Route:

IYT Super Yacht Crew Course – This week long course with give you a MCA yacht rating and includes the following all wrapped into one; Personal Water Craft (instructors), RIB Master and VHF. Obtaining these courses altogether is good value for your money and will only increase your odds of finding work as a new deckhand.

For those going the Stewardess Route:

IYT Professional Super Yacht Hospitality Course – This week long hospitality course will give you great insight into everything you need to know, and will be doing, whilst working in the interior. It includes everything from cleaning, laundry to the smallest details such as packing a suitcase to napkin folding. Having this course will show initiative in learning prior to arriving for work on a yacht, and means your Chief Stewardess can focus on training you for the proper things suited to the boat, instead of just tasks in general.

Knowledge of the Super Yacht Industry – Beginner Basics

Many of the courses listed above will provide knowledge of what to expect while working on super yachts, however it is always good to brush up on these skills yourself. Go out and purchase a super yacht book, learn the lingo (and we don’t just mean which side is Port, and which side is Starboard!) speak to people in the industry and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It may sound silly, but learn some basic knots and dress the part. The more prepared for the job you are, the more desirable you will be to Captains or hiring authorities. You wouldn’t go for a job in the arctic without first buying a parka or having the basic knowledge that its going to be cold!