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This MCA Revalidation / Refresher Course Meets All the Requirements for Revalidating an MCA Advanced Firefighting Certificate

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  • MCA Advanced Firefighting Refresher/ Revalidation – 1/2 Day – $250

Course Description:

This MCA course meets all the requirements for revalidating an MCA Advanced Firefighting certificate. The course is limited to those personnel who already have the advanced firefighting certification as well as maintained 1 year of sea time within the last 5 years.

Students will have to sign a Self Declaration stated that the above requirements have been met. The course provides the necessary skills check to meet STCW code, Table A-VI/3 and satisfies the MCA requirement.

This course is done in partnership with Maritime Professional Training (MPT) and will be conducted at MPT and their Marine Tech Fire Academy. 


  • 4 hours / Between 8am to 12:00pm


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