Whether you’re at your nine to five, or hard at work on a yacht, escaping a cold is tricky work. Just like the four walls of an office, a boats confined spaces can often uncover germs and bacteria that lead you down the slippery slope of getting sick. No matter how many times you wash your hands, or how many vitamin packs you dissolve in your drink, you just have to let the cold run its course. However, pesky colds don’t always take your work schedule into mind, and when you have the owners coming on board in just a few days, you need to act quick. Thankfully we’ve got a few things that you could try that should shake that cold off as quickly as it came on!

Over the Counter Drugs

We know, we know. Some people are really for drugs and some are really against using them, so whatever side you’re on stick to what you know. However, there are some influenzas our bodies just need a little help fighting off. If you’re really looking to kick that cold/flu in the butt, and you’re still within the first 48 hours of catching it, get your hands on some Tamiflu. This medication is an anti-viral medication that blocks the actions of influenza virus types A and B in your body. As always though, please consult a physician before using.


If you prefer to go the au natural route, you can always up your dosage of vitamin C, however once you’ve already obtained a cold/flu you might want to try some stronger options. Echinacea is a good one for treating respiratory infections, and it can help you get over a cold faster, while reducing symptoms. Zinc, because your immune system will need extra strength to get you through this, and if you use it in the form of lozengers and hit the throat, it has been shown to reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms – all the while making your throat feel loved. Finally, Vitamin D the sunshine vitamin as it can help reduce the risk of infections including pneumonia, not to mention it can improve your overall mood.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Typical we know, but there is a reason it’s been the recommended diet staple for seasonal cold catchers for years. The broth contains necessary salts your body needs to uphold battle again bacteria, and the fact that its light and somewhat tasty, makes it easier for consumption. Not only that, but this golden liquid can help clear nasal congestion and has anti-inflammatory properties for a speedy recovery. Not to mention, I am sure the chef on board can whip up a much better version then Campbell’s could provide, so give them a challenge.

Rest and Hydration

As much as you want to spring back to work, be sure to listen to your body and give it the rest and recovery it needs. Pushing yourself beyond exhaustion does not work forever, and when your body has had enough this will be one of its ways of showing you. Make sure to drink plenty of water so your body is hydrated and able to maintain battle through your sickness. And when you get sick of plain old water, chose something with some electrolytes to speed up the process and help with energy levels, or coconut water for even more hydration. Hot teas get a mention here as well for their soothing properties. Get plenty of sleep and always, always get the lotion or aloe infused tissues – your nose will thank you later!