Formally known as Yachtmaster Offshore, this course is best suited for those aspiring to move up in the super yacht industry. The course itself is two weeks in length, however it is quite extensive. The course consists of two parts: a theory course (which you must pass and complete before continuing on to the final part) and the practical on board course. They are both stand-alone courses that do not have to be completed one after the other, although it is recommended.

Why Choose an IYT Course For Master Of Yachts 200 Limited (MOY)?

IYT Master of Yachts Limited 200 ton course has become the most globally accepted course for the operation of commercial yachts up to 200 Tons. It is recognized by 25 Governments and is at the top for global standards for certification – meaning, your IYT courses and qualifications can be used across the globe, and are not just specific to one country.

Career Benefits of a MOY 200 Limited

There are several benefits to the course itself.  The learning curve alone will enable you to do better in your career in the super yachting industry, but most people will be interested in the positions they can obtain, as well as the salary increase.

Here is a guideline:

  • Chief Mate of 500 ton vessel up to 150 nautical miles offshore.
  • Chief Mate of 200 vessel on all oceans.
  • Officer of the Water of a 500 ton vessel on all oceans.
  • Master a 200 ton vessel up to 150 nautical miles offshore.

It is important to know there are several qualifications you must have in order to apply for this course. To check out the minimum requirements, please see here IYT Masters of Yachts (MOY) 200 Tons Limited

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