It’s one of those subjects that is very rarely discussed amongst crew and is instead just silently respected – however having a great working relationship between crew members and owners can either cost you your job or be a real lifesaver. Yet it is so strangely different from the regular relationship an employee would have with their boss on an office, nine to five job. There are boundaries to respect and some aspects you may learn that do require full discretion, but the main importance is that they remain happy, healthy and respectful.

Here are a few things that come to mind when we think Owners vs. Crew.


It’s a no brainer that longevity is paired to a healthy working relationship amongst yacht crew and their owners. Most yacht owners will, for example, keep the same Captain from yacht to yacht, and have their chef bounce back and forth between their estates and their boats. This just provides consistency in one division, amongst all the coming and goings that owners do in their busy lives.


Another obvious one. Although there are a variety of personalities in the yachting industry, the way you act in front of the owners vs. a night out on the town with the crew is important. Meshing well with the owner, and highlighting a few key points such as your work ethic, ability to work under pressure, appearance, attitude toward tasks and people as well as your loyalty will be constantly under the microscope. These not only apply for a great working relationship with the owner, but for the crew as well. Nationality is another big one. It steams from personality because while some cultures mesh well with others, this is quite particular for the one percent of the worlds richest. Which leads to our next point.


Crew members are meant to know the ins and outs of their owners, whether its their schedules, their friends, their preference in sun tan lotion down to the basics of how long to leave their tea bag in before it becomes undrinkable to the owner. It’s personal, its important and it’s going to ensure a great time or a terrible time. Speaking to them about them to ensure you are doing your job is something that shouldn’t be over looked.


While it may not be openly discussed, crew know personal details about the owners lives and details that are not to be shared as public information. Keeping this information private is a great way to ensure a healthy working relationship. It shows a mutual respect and trust that is hard to earn in other aspects of the job. It even comes down to knowing when to let them have their space while they’re onboard, and when to approach them about specifics in the yachting job that you’d need their input on.

Overall Yacht Enjoyment

When all of these work in harmony, you will ensure both a great career for yourself and a great experience for the owners, and confidence that their future guests will enjoy themselves as well. It’s a nice thing to have in any employment. However, just make sure to keep a healthy distance between close to your owners, and too close to your owners – the lines can get blurred and it is not something you want to see get over stepped.