If you’ve ever spent a winter at a ski resort, you know how hard it is to say no to all those delicious comfort foods. You know, the ones that are not particularly good for you and can bring your productive work day to a stand still? The same goes for yachting. If you’re stuck doing a monotonous task all day, and come lunch you fill up on carbs, chances are you wont be springing back to your day job. Not to mention, you’re not the only one in the same boat (pun intended) that feels that way. And that’s just the start. Your mood then starts to get affected and if this goes on with every crewmember, over all moral of the yacht can plummet. So we’ve put together a few tips of how to avoid the carb-coma crew and spring them back to life with some simple food preparation.

Light, Nutritious Start

Having plenty of healthy breakfast choices is a great way for your crew to start the day. A good place to start with this, is by having foods that don’t weigh them down and aren’t necessarily time consuming to make. Smoothies with plenty of fresh fruit and juices to choose from, Greek yogurts and a hearty muesli to keep them full till lunch, or at least tea time. Hard-boiled eggs to give them protein and help them maintain a healthy work ethic. It’s the simple things that can make the most difference.

Keep them Hydrated

Between air conditioning, living on the water and working up a storm, our bodies can easily get dehydrated. Having plenty of water available to crew is important. Some crews even carry their own water bottles around just to remind them of the dreaded task. Lowering the sodium levels in food would be a great way to assist in this. Another trick of the trade, try having a cooler of flavored water. Sometimes plain Jane water is hard to stomach, but strawberry basil flavor is new and exciting. This one rings in many obvious benefits, however if there ever was a situation where you had to abandon ship and be in the water for a delayed period of time, having the crew already hydrated will ensure a healthy longevity, to a point.

Trick them into Eating Healthier

Several chefs will trick their crew into eating healthy things, that taste great and instead of revealing their secrets, will just bend the truth a little. By adding in cauliflower to mashed potatoes for instances, one way you can still have the great taste, by adding some extra nutrients into the food. Swapping out heavy creams for coconut milk, or just limiting the amount of healthy vs. not healthy food you present (follow the rule of 80/20. Where you have 80% healthy foods, for every 20% not so healthy). What you don’t know can’t hurt you!