What a time it is to work on super yachts! Not only are we exploring sought after destinations in style, we are slowly becoming a floating amusement park that’s full of fun, entertainment and a console that has constant stream of new things to play with. And that means, with our super yacht status we must have the luxurious toys to match – but in all honesty, who is going to complain about that? With more super yacht toys being created than ever before, it’s hard to choose which ones to purchase. Not to mention, is there room to store these crazy toys in the garage, and are the poor deckhands even going to have time to set up toys of this magnitude, thank god for deckhands!

Know Your Equipment:  Safety, Management and Maintenance of Personal Water Craft (PWC) and Yacht Toys. Get PWC Training & Certification

Before going into our wish-list, we need to remind all that it is your responsibility to familiarize and understand the equipment and gear you may be asked to participate in using, care for, or in a supervisory role – especially with guests. Understand and familiarize BEFORE the equipment is used.  Professional Yacht Training provides PWC Training (Personal Water Craft Training) classes and certification on a regular basis.  This gets you started with PWC ‘s and will give you a leg up on the basics of safe operations and it is also becoming a requirement of use in the Meditteranean and elsewhere.

Where there is new gear on-board and you have a role in care, management and guest use – get to know your gear before a guest sits in the seat and causes harm to themselves and others!

Here Are Some Popular Yacht Toys That Everyone Can Get Onboard With Which Are Either Big and Extravagant or Small and Satisfying.

Climbing Walls

Make swimming more exciting again, only with the added fun that you may fall in from unspeakable distances while racing your way to the top! The climbing walls, while totally customizable, are a great way to instil some friendly competition among guests and have fun while swimming. They can be easily set up, either with a rapidflate blower or with an electric pump – and have comfortable grips and climbing ropes. The walls themselves can be designed to fit any boat (with auto-belay connections) and can even be made in specific colors to match the hull. Guests can either race up the wall from the water entry or deck, and the best part? Making it to the top never felt sweeter, when you add in the non-slip jumping platform! Nothing says victory like soaring past your competitor into the refreshing water below.

funair superyacht toys

Yacht Slide

Seeing as FunAir already mastered an inflatable climbing wall, why not use their technology to make an incredibly fun slide… oh, wait they already did. And it looks epic. Imagine a nice hot day, some good friends, drinks and a fun slide that takes you from the top deck all the way into the water in a fun, slippery fashion. With a proper fit and finish to each individual boat, being a kid again never felt so right.

Stand Up Paddleboards

It’s not difficult to see why SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) are becoming more and more popular among adventurists. They glide over the water, are small and compact and offer a great workout from start to finish. While you’ll definitely want to explore them at calmer seas, SUP’s are a great way to explore places the yacht can’t reach – like nooks and rivers, or they’re just a great way to connect with nature and enjoy the serenity of the water, alone. There are several different styles of SUPs; inflatable, flat water and surf. Most people who are beginners, and are looking for something a little more sturdy, say to practice a little yoga while on the water, may want to start with the flat water styles, and a wider hull. Either way, this sport is a great one to include onboard.


Like the hybrid car of ocean toys, this electric watercraft brings epic fun to pools, shallow waters or open coves. Whether you use your seabob to ride the surface and get the need for speed by reaching upwards of 20kph, or take things slow and cruise underwater to check out the sea life, it’s a toy you won’t get sick of. Use it with or without snorkel gear.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a few years, you’ve probably heard of the newest water toy Flyboard, which is a type of jetpack/hoverboard on water. It’s the newest way to have fun on the water, while giving you the idea of flying. Guests strap their feet into the board, much like a snowboard, which is already connected by a long hose to a personal watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to the pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provides thrust which can propel guests up to 15 meters (49 feet) in the air! Nothing says summer fun like a little soaring beside a yacht – just think of the Instagram photos.