Celebrating Christmas with your yacht family is only as good as you make it – so it’s up to you (and the rest of your crew) to bring you’re a-game this holiday season! Besides learning a lot about Christmas traditions from all around the world, who doesn’t love teasing the Canadian about missing snow, or rasing the Brit about their bread sauce and cheesy leeks? But the best part of all is the Christmas gifts exchange among crew! But, aside from the odd gift that sums up your secret joke with another crew member, what can you get someone who travels with only a bag or two? We’ve come up with a few solutions to help you out – it’s all in the spirit of giving, we suppose.

Yachtie Christmas Gifts Guide – Yacht Crew Need Lovin’ Too

Survival Bracelet

The survival bracelet is an easy solution for the traveler that loves to get off the beaten path, and can seriously fit their life into one backpack and disappear for months. It’s a handy, all in one tool that could help them in a bind, save their life or just offer an unnecessary amount of rope very quickly.beer tumbler

Wine/ Beer Tumbler with Lid

We all know yachties can drink, but what about that one person who loves to take their sneaky beer to the beach, or carry their wine up to the sundeck at the end of a hard days work? This is the ultimate adult sippy cup, if we do say so ourselves. It’s boat life approved and sure to be used time and time again.

Personalized Item

Working and living on yachts is kind of like living in a house full of stuff that isn’t yours, in fact it is a lot like that. However, having one small item that has your own personal touch that you use every day can make the difference between a homey feel or not. Things a crew member uses everyday, such as a coffee mug, travel journal, pen, etc.

Travel Games

There are some serious games you can get that provide hilarious entertainment time and time again, and come in small packages. Whether you use them in the crew mess or at the bar enjoying a night out with the crew, games like; Cards Against Humanity, F**ktionary, What’s Yours Like and Never Have I Ever are a great way to liven up your spirit. With a quick google search you will find hundreds of ideas. Not to mention, this is a gift that everyone can enjoy.

A Taste of Home

Maybe there’s something a crewmember really misses from home and it would brighten their day to open it on Christmas day – we’re not sure about you but mostly food/drink items come to mind with this one. Crisps, cookies, tea, coffee, sweets, soda, wine, beer, chocolate etc.

Yachtie Gift Giving Has Never Been So Much Fun – Whoo Hoo!