Much like any in-depth line of work, yachting has various boat shows or meet and greets that happen around the globe to keep everyone involved in the industry on the same page. These trade shows in-disguise are great fun, very factual and can be a good connection to the rest of the yachting world. However, which ones are going to be the most beneficial, and worth the trek, and which ones could you save for another year. We’ve put together a list of the top boat shows that all yachties would agree are not worth missing.

Cannes Yachting Festival

Takes Place: Beginning of September

Leaning more towards the ‘luxe’ side, the Cannes Yachting festival has a more glamorous image that is geared towards the yacht owners, and appealing to their lifestyle. Major sponsors include posh jewelry, high-end automobiles, private aviation, watches, high-end toys etc. All of which can be applied to the luxurious yachting lifestyles of our owners and charter clients. That being said, it is a great yachting festival to take part in all the glitz, make new friends, and really go above and beyond in your job and scope out what the owners may like for the year to come.

Monaco Boat Show

Takes Place: Near the end of September

Another crowd pleaser among yacht crew members, the Monaco Yacht Show is set in the iconic Port Hercules, and has been running since 1991. It’s a great way to end the summer season in the Med and for yacht crew and its owners as it houses several parties, a majority of super yacht unveilings and a great way to network and hook up with old friends.

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Takes Place: New Schedule – Early November

Most commonly known among the yachting industry working professionals, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show is the largest boat show of them all because, well … it has it all. The parties, the sponsors, the yacht industry competitions, workshops, and not to mention it becomes a huge meeting location prior to the winter season. It is a great stop over before the busy season to get any upgrades or outfitting done, and becomes a great place to meet new faces, land a new job or update your tickets (hint: this is where we come in!)

Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Takes Place: mid-December

While many of the others appeal to the owners and future buyers, the Antigua Charter Yacht Show has more of a focus on us, the yacht crew members. There are several workshops, seminars and not as much glitter and glam –mind you, there is still lots of it to be had. There are still several friendly competitions and all the typical yachting show novelties, however this is a great one to attend if you’re just starting out or looking to expand your resume and obtain new connections.

Miami International Boat Show

Takes Place: mid-winter in February

Not quite as large as it’s boat show sister just an hour north up the Ocean, the Miami International Boat show should not be overlooked. It still boasts lots of yachting professionals, outfitters and a great central location for those doing the typical winter season.

Dubai International Boat Show

Takes Place: Beginning of March

This up and coming show is one to watch. It is drastically growing in numbers each year as the life of luxury evolves itself around this new a-list destination for the world’s wealthy. With a variety of competition, interactive exhibits or if you’re just trying to capture the shoreline lined up with white yachts as the city lights start to shine, it’s a show that should be added to your list if it’s not on there already.