As yacht crew, we are undeniably hard workers and respect the industry when it comes to putting your head down and just getting through a charter week. But when it comes down to it, we really are just adventurers are heart. We love exploring new destinations and you love that amazing rush you get when the captain reveals the itinerary for the next few weeks. So why should this summer season should be any different? Here are a few hot spots that all yachties should cross their fingers to visit this year!


Europe in summer is to die for, but the Eastern Mediterranean is turning heads and this destination is one that should not be overlooked. Experiencing the Adriatic Sea is beautiful, and navigating into the new and improved Porto Montenegro is no exception. In the last decade or so this port has undergone a face lift to entice yachting enthusiasts to its otherwise quaint ocean front city. As it becomes increasingly popular, more and more posh seaside restaurants and boutiques line the streets, and there is plenty to do for both your guests and the crew! Not to mention the historic settings and remote beaches – what more could you want to complete your summer season! The people are lovely, the weather is ideal and the seafood is to die for – try the Calamari in Dubrovnik, you will not be disappointed!

Rio de Janeiro

It’s not your typical hot spot for summer yachting, but Rio is a place that everyone should be itching to get to, not only for it’s astonishing beauty, or the fact that it’s a stopping point for those on route to Antarctica, but for it’s honor of hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games coming up in August. Who wouldn’t want to be in on the action and experience Olympic joy first hand – it’s something infectious that should be enjoyed by all at least once in their lifetime. As with any host Olympic city, Rio de Janeiro has undergone massive renovations and construction to its port, making it a shinny new place with close access to downtown (shops and attractions are still in the works for the immediate port itself) with transportation set up to reach other travel just outside the city limits. While it still has a major freight traffic, the port authority has noticed an increase in yachting traffic which is only expected to grow with the buzz!


As a cruise destination, Alaska and the inside passage have blown up. It’s something everyone has to experience, but doing it by a yacht – incredible! While this itinerary is rare, it should not be taken lightly, nor should it be sought out after for the nightlife of the places you’ll stop. If you get the chance to experience Alaskan towns, such as Anchorage, Juneau or Skagway make sure to explore the history and appreciate the destinations as a chance to expand on your history and enjoy the views. Get up close and person with glaciers, make sure to stay alert for icebergs, and keep your camera and binoculars at the ready to spot wildlife, and lots of it. This destination will satisfy those looking to step outside the box and explore places that don’t have many travelers footprints on them already.

The Baltic Sea

Sure, this is general as it’s a large area, and yes we’re aware that it’s not necessarily your beach-like summer hot spot, but that is what makes Northern Europe so desirable; your sense of adventure can roam free. Traveling through the Baltic Sea is where you can really explore and discover a relaxed form of Europe. There are several islands to explore, and you’re not to far from quiet, remote towns and amenities. While the temperatures are a bit on the cooler side, some of benefits – such as the daylight is increasingly longer, as well as the destination itself is not as crowded with yachts – outweighs some of the minor details. Stop in places like Finland, Estonia or Sweden, and when you’re missing that big city feel, cruise on down to Copenhagen to complete a summer circuit you won’t soon forget!