A yacht stewardess is a jack of all trades. If you’re looking to become a yacht stewardess, here are some daily responsibilities you will have while on board.

Food & Drink Service Aboard A Yacht

There are five types of service that is required for a stewardess to master. They are: English service, buffet service, Russian service, American service or plate service and silver service. Not only is she required to know these types of service but also be a master of table settings, table managements, courses and order of service. The Head Chef and Chief Stewardess typically manage the success of a beautiful dinner on a yacht.

Drink service is usually at the center of the social group cultural experience. The yacht stewardess must be competent with serving many kinds of beverages. A stewardess must possess skills like beer knowledge and service, spirits knowledge, champagne service, wine, wine pairing, wine storage and wine service. A stewardess who is educated on these things as well as service of cigars, tobacco, cigarettes and pipes will have an easy time attending to yacht guests.

Housekeeping – Interior Yacht Care & Maintenance

Super yachts are filled with expensive art work and fine fabrics so a yacht stewardess needs to be comfortable and competent in handling delicate pieces. Housekeeping duties depend on the size of the vessel but usually include cleaning public areas on board, officers cabins, crew mess and areas and cleaning cabins. These duties keep the yacht maintained and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Laundry Care

There are a few fabrics that a stewardess should know how to launder correctly such as wool, microfiber, silk, cotton, polyester, leather and/or linen. Mistakes that happen in this area are costly so it is required to have extra diligence.

Safety Responsibilities

In case of an emergency, it is necessary for a super yacht stewardess to fulfill her role, depending on her position, qualifications and the size of the vessel. This is taken very seriously and stewardess’ roles will be given either by the Captain or Chief Officer.

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