You’ve made the decision to work in the yachting industry and work on a yacht, but you’re not 100 per cent sure what to expect when it comes to your daily way of life. Well, it’s hard to write out an accurate job description for you as the life of a crewmember onboard a superyacht is anything but typical. It can start early, it can end late, it could be stuck in the laundry room, galley, cleaning the hull or in the engine room – it all depends on the type of yacht you work on, and the way it is run. But here is a taste of what you can expect, and if all else fails you’ll just have to find out as you go along in your new job – that’s half the fun isn’t it?

When You Are NOT Crewing on a Yacht Charter

Most yachts have more of ‘lax approach to their work schedule when the boats only residents are the crewmembers. You can think of this time as a typical 9-5 workday that is set in a constant state of “getting the boat ready for when guests do come onboard”. You clean, you polish, you keep the yacht in a steady up kept manner and you can enjoy working in a less-stressful environment. Depending on the schedule of the boat you’re on, this could mean your day starts at 8:00a.m., you take a tea break at 10:00am and then have lunch at 12:00pm. You work throughout the day on projects that your higher up has set aside for you and you break again for afternoon tea and you’re typically done work at 5:30pm. This schedule is a nice change of pace from the charter life you’ll experience.

In the evenings you are free to do as you please – dinner is typically served shortly after you’re done work and from there you can hang in the crew mess with everyone, go to your room, go out and explore or party, its really up to you as long as you show up for work the next morning and you do not have watch (where you have to remain on lookout for the yacht as its docked/anchored) you are free to do your own thing.

When You’re in Yacht Charter Mode

Get ready for a whirlwind. This time is often stressful, hectic and the word ‘organized chaos’ pretty much sums it up. Depending on what your boats schedule is like, and your position onboard, anything goes. You could be on the morning shift, as in you are up before the guests get up and are anticipating their needs before they even ask. You are with the guests and at their beck and call for your entire shift, until you are done – typically around dinnertime. Or you could be on late, where you get the luxury of sleeping in a bit and joining in with the morning shift to assist them until they are finished, however you then have to stay awake until the guests go to bed or no longer need you. Charters can have their routines, but typically it is anything but as it all depends on the guests way of life. You need to be adaptive to change when on charter, and be on you’re a-game the entire time. Days are long, but at the end of a charter is when you get rewarded with a tip – so if you can hold it together and make it through, it will all be worth it in the end.

Working on a Yacht is Not Your Average Day Job

Working on a yacht is anything but ordinary and you’ll see more things than you could imagine. It is hard to pin point exactly when these things happen, but it is almost guaranteed that you will see these sometime in your yachting career:

Celebrities, parties, prostitutes, drugs, excessive drinking, nudity, new money, old money, spoiled children and the list goes on.
While it may seem excessive, these are the parts of the job that make your day interesting and give you one great story to tell!