Whether we like it or not, the Internet, smart phones and social media are impeding on the way we travel. You can argue up and down whether or not you like it, and while you can certainly travel without it (we’ve done so for several decades without fail) there’s no arguing one truth; it’s making it easier.

Yachting gives you several opportunities to travel, and while many yacht crew would love to get several days to explore each port, the sad reality is we aren’t always that lucky. With the help of these apps it can help make your travels easier, safer and more effective especially when given that time crunch – and no, we are not just going to tell you to get Instagram – we’re better than that!

Free Apps For Yachties


– Free

Just like you save all key things you need in life in your purse (ladies, we’re looking at you), you can store all important articles and videos you need in your ‘Pocket’. Say you find a great article “Top 5 Patio bars in Greece”, and yet you’re still in the Bahamas, this is a great place to save it for the future. You can even organize your pocket for certain destinations, and you can read those articles without being connected to wifi.


– Free

Unless you’re some kind of genius, you’ll never be able to remember how far your dollar will go in all the countries you’re traveling in. Lucky for you, this Currency Converter does it for you. The converter uses OANDA rate data – daily filtered rates for more than 190 currencies and four metals. It also gives you the option of adding a percentage to better approximate the rate charged by your credit card company!


– Free

This one speaks for itself. Foodspotting is a great way to find restaurants that are close to you, and offer specific items. You can share dishes online with friends or check out what complete strangers recommend by using photos (so you can see if its worth the trek across town) The best part? If you’re craving something in particular, you can ask “What has the best…” and save yourself time!

City Maps 2Go

– Free

It doesn’t get much better than this. This app gives you free offline maps (that’s right, no more data roaming fees to worry about when you’re lost and need to get back to the boat!). It also offers you tips of things to do and highlights key spots directly on your map. You’re also able to create your own list and mark down where they are, and the best part – you can ever search for key items and it will pin point them down to where you are and what’s closest.

Google Translate

– Free

Much like currency, it’s hard to stay on top of all your languages when traveling to a variety of places, and this app will help you an uncountable amount of ways. Not only can it translate 90 languages, you can use your camera to translate text instantly in 26 languages. It has a two-way automatic speech translation and allows you to draw on a keyboard for symbol translation. This really should be your new go-to if you don’t have it installed already.