Professional Yachtmaster Training

The IYT Master Of Yachts 200 Tons Limited Certificate of Competency allows the holder to be in charge of a yacht up to 200 gross tons within 150 nautical miles of safe haven and/or to legally stand a watch on a yacht up to 500gt.

It is also one of the requirements for entry to the MCA Officer of the Watch (Yachts) program (see MCA structure) and is the first step on the professional yachting promotion ladder.

* This was previously known as Yachtmaster Offshore.

Professional Yachtmaster Training

Course Pricing – See All

  • MOY 200 Limited Theory only – 7 Days – $1,799
  • MOY 200 Limited Practical Power only – 6 Days – $2,699
  • MOY 200 Limited (Offshore) Power – 13 Days – $3,899

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This course includes: Exam, Charts, Publications, Rule Book, Flip Cards, Navigational Tools, & more.

Qualifying Experience for IYT Master Of Yachts 200 Tons Limited – What You Need

Candidates must have logged mileage on power yachts:

50 days on board at sea as an active crew member. For the purpose of this requirement a day is defined as a period of 24 consecutive hours. Parts of a day may be included in this total but a day is not invalidated by a candidate leaving the yacht for a few hours during a cruise. The term “at sea” is defined as being on a vessel outside of any harbor, natural or artificial, in which a cruising yacht could secure or anchor for a prolonged period of time.

3,000 nautical miles while cruising at sea. This mileage must be logged on genuine cruises or passages and not short day trips. At least 2 000 miles must have been completed on coastal voyages and not ocean crossings. It is important that the candidate has spent time in a position of responsibility, at least as watch leader, and has considerable experience of actual boat handling.

It is assumed that during this qualifying mileage the candidate will have gained a working knowledge of the Collision Regulation and the basics of paper chart work for coastal navigation.

30 hours on watch at night underway as an active member of a yacht’s crew. For at least six hours of this night time experience the candidate must have been acting as the vessel’s captain/watch-leader. “Night” in this context is defined as the time between sunset and sunrise.

Verification of this experience should be original and signed by the skipper of the vessel. Candidates claiming sea time during which they were acting as skipper may sign their own entries but independent confirmation is required in the form of Statutory Declarations obtained from a Justice of the Peace.

Students with an Australian Master Class 5 can convert it to a Master of Yachts 200gt Limited, please contact us for more information.


The course is in two stand-alone parts which should ideally, but not necessarily, be taken consecutively.


  • 12 Students (max)

Seamanship Theory

  • An intensive seven-day course covering the following subjects:
  • Navigation including pilotage and passage planning
  • Tides including tidal calculations and tidal streams
  • Collision Regulations including buoyage
  • Meteorology
  • Maritime Law

Candidates are expected to have had at least some exposure to these topics during their qualifying passages and it is neither possible nor desirable to teach from scratch at this level. The instruction on each subject is followed by a written exam and a considerable amount of private study is required in addition to the formal instruction provided.

Practical Seamanship Training

Practical training is offered on a power vessel. A five-day course of instruction conducted onboard a yacht covering seamanship skills such as:

  • Nautical terminology
  • Tides & currents
  • Rope work
  • Anchors & anchoring
  • Boat handling including docking
  • Yacht presentation, general boating skills, customs and etiquette
  • Weather
  • Coastal navigation and passage planning

The IYT Master Of Yachts 200 Tons Limited Certificate of Competency is Not for Beginners

While intensive instruction will be given, it must again be stressed that this course is not for beginners. Candidates should feel that they are ready for command and have the necessary qualities such as situational awareness, sense of responsibility, leadership ability and basic boat handling skills. The practical instruction can only be expected to formalize and give structure to candidates’ ability to command, not to teach from scratch. A person who has never maneuvered a powerboat in close-quarters cannot reasonably expect to pass.

The final day of the practical course is given over to a practical examination by an IYT Examiner who will assess candidates’ practical ability, their underpinning knowledge and their command ability by means of an extensive oral and practical test on a yacht. Candidates can expect to be examined on any subject covered by the syllabus of the theory or practical courses and to be questioned on any aspect of their yachting experience to date.

Completion of the IYT Master Of Yachts 200 Tons Limited course is by no means a guarantee of passing the practical examination and candidates who feel that they are not yet ready may defer the assessment to a later date.

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